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Filming and Editing for Your Videos

Have someone you can trust to be there for the entirety of your videography project with us. At LuckyMac, we are experienced and prepared to take care of a variety of recording needs including commercials, music videos, and more. In addition to our videography services, we hold our Social Cam events, as well as offer you a variety of T-shirts for sale that help promote our artists. Willing to help anyone that needs videos made for their business or music, we are capable of paying for the video ourselves, so none of our customers have to deal with out-of-pocket payments. We offer our recording services to individuals wanting to film in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Commercials, Music Videos, and More

The services we provide our clients include a variety of services related to the filming industry. Creative writing, filming and editing, photo shoots, and set development are all included in our services for the convenience of our clients. We are always prepared and ready to direct and produce your industry-related commercials, infomercials, music videos, and more. Whatever your project may entail, you can count on us to stick by your side for the entire duration of the production. Our team always focuses on providing the most efficient promotion of your business, offering a full-scale launch for our clients, and catering to their budget and needs. When you need a trusted videographer for your next video, you can count on us.

Piles Of Graphic T-Shirts

T-Shirts for Sale

Our selection of T-shirts offers our customers a variety of phrases and different brandings. Our graphic T-shirts are made out of high-quality, no shrinking material, and designed for promotional use with our artists. Sizes for our shirts come in extra small, smedium(small-medium), large, extra-large, and XXL. Choose from your favorite with red, black, white, green, and blue colored options, all while supporting the artists we promote and manage. New shirts are made available every two weeks to give you an ever-changing selection to browse through.

Social Cam Photography

We give our clients a chance to show off at our Social Cam events and purchase pictures from the event online. Customers can choose between a photocopy, a framed copy, and even a digital copy customized with text. You can see the pictures we've taken online; just contact us with the photo's image number whenever you want to purchase one.

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